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Chào beautiful peoples! I’m Cierra, the humble owner of Cultured Simplicity. I’m a full-time student, part-time (remote!) worker, Etsy shop owner, and well…… a few other things as well. That means that for 40 hours a week I’m a student; 6 hours a social media manager for a nonprofit organization; 5 hours doing my own enterprising thang (aka blogging); roughly 21 hours acquiring Vietnamese and for the rest of the 90 hours (yes, there’s really that much time in one week! And yes, I googled it.), doing extracurriculars, spending time with family and friends, chores, practicing self-care, physical activity, religious studies, and…must I go on?

Honestly, let’s face it–student life is rough. Like rough rough. It’s no secret that balancing life in general is tough, for both students and typical working citizens face a whole plethora of ‘opportunities’ to stay busy. And then it doesn’t help that being a full-time scholar or dedicated language student typically goes hand-in-hand with being broke. Let’s not forget about the mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks, and random depletions of motivation.

As this site’s name suggests, I’ve made it my mission with this blog to simplify acquiring languages and gaining cultural awareness. My main focus is to help other students with limited financial resources find the ability to master language and other cultures through the most effective way possible– immersion ̣(But digitally). If your reason for acquiring a language goes beyond “because I want to travel somewhere for vacation,” then I’m your girl. My two-part formula for success is (1) a ‘natural’ approach to the process, where I mimic the way in which babies acquire language, and (2) digital immersion, proving that you don’t have to have money or the ability to travel to surround yourself with your target language. I teach my readers how to learn in the most fun and unconventional methods possible. Say goodbye to textbooks and Duolingo. Aside from language acquisition, and learning about different cultures, I enjoy making jewelry, crocheting, dancing, blogging and whipping up healthy-ish desserts.

Obstructing misconceptions, busting myths, encouraging intercultural communication, and living the definition of what it means to be “woke,” is my general mantra on this site. I’m here to help you figure out the best ways to be your own teacher and take full advantage of all the online learning options available to you– since we are in 2020 and all. My all-natural approach to language acquisition includes utilizing any and all subconscious methods of engaging with the language. I personally think that the best kind of learning is when it doesn’t feel like learning. And I’m sure that at least to some extent, you can agree with me. I’m a big advocate for putting time to good use; even when scrolling through social media posts, YouTube, and Netflix. I always encourage others to look for ways to personalize their learning process (i.e. making it interesting for you.) And I want you to join me in learning how to ditch the travel hassle, and bring both culture and language to you.

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