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Language notebooks are great. Bullet journals are great. Combine the two together and you’ve got something that’s borderline fabulous.

Or at least has the potential to be. Journals for language learning are as good as the content inside. And since content is structured by layouts, you need some solid spreads to guide your language journey.

The spreads I’ve collected for this article are a mix of motivational, educational, and aesthetically pleasing. These journal layouts are good for language learners of all levels– beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

A language journal with these spreads will totally upgrade your whole self-study routine. Journals are engaging ways of holding yourself accountable and actively working towards your goals. They can be structured however you want them to be and they’re arguably the only language learning tool that is 100% personalized to the learner.

Technically, there is no wrong way to set up your language journal. There are inefficient ways to. Definitely ineffective ways to. But as long as they further your language acquisition process in an interactive manner, they’re doing their job.

I don’t want you to go into setting up your language journal blindly though. They can be so useful if you know the correct spreads to include. If you don’t have a bullet journal already, grab a hand-designed journal available on Amazon here.

Or check out my self-designed language journals with multilingual covers and strong boss babes depicted. Latin languages, European languages, African languages, Central American Languages, and more represented.

Available as both spiral notebooks and hardcover journals!

You can also grab some matching stickers to really make your language study sessions fun.

handmade stickers for your language learning bullet journal

All these designs are also available as printables on Etsy. Any support means the world to me and allows me to continue sharing content with you lovelies.

For some help getting started with a language journal, check out:

Here’s a quick list of supplies to get you started with your language journal:

Now on to the list! Keep in mind all these images are clickable and will take you back to their original source, unless their originally mine, of course 🙂 (Unprofessional to include an emoticon in a blog post? I think not.)

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BuJo language learning

What this spread includes:

  • Practice Speaking Monthly Tracker
  • Practice Writing Monthly Tracker
  • Duolingo Daily Monthly Tracker
  • Learn New Vocabulary Words Monthly Tracker
  • Listen to music/ Watch a movie Monthly Tracker

The image displays German, but this spread can obviously be used for any language.


I'm slowly working my way through the Duolingo Korean track, and I made this spread to track my progress. It's been awhile since I last took a language course, but so far it is enjoyable! . Anyone have any good language learning tips? Let me know! . [ #bujo #notebook #languagelearning #korean #duolingo #bulletjournal #journal #bujoinspire #planner #bujolove #bujojunkies #bujocommunity #planneraddict #language #plannercommunity #bujoinspiration #bujoideas #showmeyourplanner #rhodia #studygram #st

What this spread includes:

  • Checkpoint Trackers for Units in your Target Language
    • Alphabet, Phrases, Basics, etc.

Again, the image displays Korean but this journal spread can be used for any language. If you are learning Korean though, make sure you check out Top 20 Korean TV shows & Movies Free with Amazon Prime.


My duolingo Korean tracker 🌸 : bulletjournal

What this spread includes:

  • Duolingo Tracker
    • Structured by modules and crown levels
    • Includes Checkpoints


What this spread includes:

  • Duolingo Tracker
    • Structured by modules and crown levels
    • Compact design


1 Word à Day ✏️ ~ comment the languages you can speak 😁 I'm currently learning Portuguese! . . I've been practicing Portuguese NON STOP…

What this spread includes:

  • One word a day
  • Monthly Layout

Keep in mind that if you’re learning more than one word per day, you would just choose either your favorite word or the most “important” word you learned on any given day!


Language Progress Tracker | Language journal, Bullet journal ...

What this spread includes:

  • Progress Tracker
  • Podcasts Section
  • Online Resources Section
  • YouTubers list
  • Grammar Checklist


journaling #ideas #tracker #language #bujo (With images) | Bullet ...

What this spread includes:

  • Practice Speaking Monthly Tracker
  • Practice Writing Monthly Tracker
  • Duolingo Monthly Tracker
  • Homework Monthly Tracker
  • Watch a movie / TV Show Monthly Tracker
  • Vocab: One word a day


My language tracker from my bullet journal, track when you learn ...

What this spread includes:

  • What I studied Daily
    • Monthly Layout
  • Percent Fluency Section


Language learning with BuJo pt. 2 This is a vocabulary list for ...

What this spread includes:

  • Vocabulary lists categorized by word type
  • Double Page Spread


BUJO INDONESIA | Language journal, Learning languages, Foreign ...

What this spread includes:

  • Duolingo Tracker
    • Organized by Modules
    • Filled in by Crown Levels
    • Divided by Checkpoints


The Best Bullet Journal Spreads For College Students - Bullet ...

What this spread includes:

  • Study Time Tracker
    • Monthly Layout
    • 1-hour segments

This spread should be personalized by the amount of time you normally spend learning your target language daily.


Written Chinese

What this spread includes:

  • Doodle Page
    • Visual Depictions of each vocabulary term


What this spread includes:

  • Words and their opposites
    • Think: “Hateful” and “Loving”, “Scorching” and “Freezing”, etc.


What this spread includes:

  • Forgotten Vocabulary Spread
    • All words you’ve forgotten
    • Flashcard style


What this spread includes:

  • A mind map for language learning
  • Can demonstrate any topic
  • Displays associations and related words


Bullet Journal — What about a Bullet Journal dedicated to language...

What this spread includes:

  • Grammar Daily Tracker
  • Listening Daily Tracker
  • Reading Daily Tracker
  • Writing Daily Tracker
    • Monthly layout


What this spread includes:

  • An Anki Tracker (Popular Flashcard Language Learning App — seriously if you haven’t already tried it, you seriously should!)
    • Amount of cards studied
    • Amount of time they were studied in
    • Number of cards you learned
    • Number of cards you relearned
    • Number of cards you reviewed
      • Monthly layout

All of this info can be accessed daily from Anki’s statistics dashboard.


ashxotessxo: “Tracking my progress in learning Norwegian on ...

What this spread includes:

  • Duolingo tracker organized by modules, crown levels, and checkpoints
    • Simplified Layout


What this spread includes:

  • Color-Coded Labeling system for tracking
    • Daily Study
    • Daily Reading
    • Daily Writing
    • Daily Watching
    • Daily Listening
    • Daily Talking
  • Key system for labeling multiple languages
    • “K” for Korean, “F” for French, “S” for Spanish, and so on

The best spread on this list for students learning multiple languages.


What this spread includes:

  • “Mini” Goal Tracker
    • Date created
    • Mini goal
    • Date achieved
      • Any Time Duration!


What this spread includes:

  • Daily Language Tracker
    • 4 Objectives
    • Time allotted to each objective
    • Whether the learning method for each objective was passive or active
    • How effective the study period was for each objective
    • A space to reflect on how the day’s study period went as a whole

Before you’re off on your creative journey

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20 Amazing Language Learning Bullet Journal Spreads


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