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Okay, so I know that Instagram isn’t really the de facto standard when it comes to learning languages…. but it turns out it can still be quite a powerful motivation machine. ‘Cause isn’t language learning really just 50% motivating yourself and 50% everything else?

No? Well anyway, we could all use regular doses of inspiration in our journeys to foreign language fluency. Chances are you already have an Instagram page. Chances are you already scroll through it at least once every single day.

So why not stuff your feed with images that’ll actually inspire you (instead of reminding you how jealous you are of Karen’s new relationship?) Social media can be as much or as little of your goal-reaching friend as you want it to be.

But at least there are pages on Instagram that make it easy for you to focus on said goals. Pages that’ll remind you that you’re by no means alone in your quest for fluency. That it’s totally normal for you to feel frustrated at times and literally ready to give up at others.

It’s easy when you only interact with those within your circle for you to feel kind’ve alone in your language learning journey. Most English speakers seem totally fine staying monolingual. But once you expand your community and engage with pages that encourage multilingualism you’ll see that there’s a whole world out there of aspiring polyglots.

People with crazy goals like learning 6 languages at the same time. Or people who already know 4 and need to learn 3 more before their international backpacking trip next year. Alright, I’m getting oddly specific– but you get my point.

These Instagram pages get what language learning is all about. And they’re here to help you reach your goals. So get excited and grab your phone. ‘Cause it’s time to go account surfing.

*Major Disclaimer here: I’m am not being paid by any of these accounts to promote their pages. I’m posting them simply because I appreciate their willingness in supplying quality content that language learners of all kinds can benefit from.

This page is actually a newer account that started in April 2020, but they well worth checking out. True to their name– they post daily tips exclusively for language learners. But not just any tips. I’m talking about unique tips you’ll actually want to try out.

The page’s goal is to share creative ways you can learn a language.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or an aspiring polyglot looking for simple ideas to practice.

Their page also serves as a perfect “breeding ground” for fellow language learning Instagram users. So you’ll be able to garner some inspiration from both the comments and followers’ profiles.

Plus is one of the few Instagram pages that isn’t language-specific. Meaning learners of all languages can benefit from the content they share.

Language Trainers

With this page, you’re able to learn any language, any time, anywhere. They’re are a global #languagelearning company that offer personalized 1-on-1 language courses.

Language Trainers focuses more on the ‘culture awareness’ aspect of language learning. They recognize that most aspiring multi-linguists are also interested in the world around them and appreciate quick doses of global education.

So while a post may not actually address how to learn a language, said post will teach you some cultural tidbit about the language’s presence in the world.


If you can’t tell from that post alone, this page shares regular posts of common phrases in multiple languages. The languages you see included in the above post are the only languages included in all of their posts. But those are the most commonly learned languages meaning there’s a pretty good chance you’re learning at least one of them.

The page is still relatively new and to date has 20 posts– each translating a different phrase. Phrases like “See you tomorrow,” “Happy birthday,” “Stay at home,” and “Happy Women’s day” have all been shared on their page.

And if you’re not familiar with international flags, then the 8 languages each post is translated into are:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Spanish
  6. Portuguese
  7. Russian
  8. Turkish

Don’t worry– I had to look two of them of up myself!


It’s a little ironic for me to promote this company’s Instagram page without using their actual language teaching service but…. here I am. It’s not my fault that they don’t offer Vietnamese (sniff sniff). I just love the positive vibes behind Babbel’s Instagram page though.

I mean most language memes aren’t actually all that funny. But Babbel shares relatable posts a language learner could genuinely snicker at. That’s kind of amazing you guys.

But beyond the humorous aspect of their posts, their posts on learning languages are also really helpful. Namely, because they actually share videos of fluent speakers pronouncing words instead of writing them down and expecting you to magically know how they’re pronounced.

I swear I’m not salty or anything but there’s only so much text posts can do for you. Granted, Babbel does have plenty of image posts as well but they share information about culture and language learning. Because trust me when I say there’s a difference between a post that teaches you how to learn a language and one that tries to teach you the language.


This page also represents another language teaching website, but just like Babbel, I’ve never subscribed to their actual services. I do love the content they share on their Instagram page though! Plus with 87.8k+ followers, you’re able to connect with a pretty extensive language learning community. ‘Cause #we’reallinthistogether

They share posts that translate words/phrases into multiple languages. So polyglot can fast-lane their way to fluency. Just through one quick scroll through their feed, I learned that Winter is translated as Winter in German. Who would’ve known?

They also share some language comparison posts and explanation posts so you can look forward to those as well. Personally, I think the page is very attractive, professional, and put-together. Making it more visually appealing than your average content creator.

Plus they do have a few humorous posts on their page as well– which I always appreciate. If you’re a beginner in literally any popular language, then you should probably check this page out.


So this is the only page on this list whose creator is a language coach. So clearly she knows what she’s talking about. All her posts are text-based and are about 50% educational content and 50% motivational content. At least as of May 10, 2020– your girl can’t see the future.

So every other post translates a phrase into French, English, and Spanish. And the other half of her posts are inspirational quotes about language learning.

I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes. You can check out the covers of my handmade notebooks to tell I’m not lying.


If you didn’t realize this from Babbel page review, your girl is a sucker for video language posts. When it comes to a category 5 language like Korean, you either listen to the pronunciation or simply don’t learn the language. You can debate me but I’m sticking by my stance.

Not only does this page offer cute graphics coupled with Hangul writing and English sound equivalents, but every teaching post is a video. So you can both hear and read these common Korean phrases.

This account’s oldest post was shared in March 2020, so the account is still new, but the creator clearly knows a thing or two about Korean. Scratch that– she is Korean; so she knows the language with native-level fluency. I’m not saying that native speakers are the best teachers but I’m also not saying they aren’t.

Ssen, the account owner, knows the terminology that speakers of the language actually use. Which is something that some language teaching platforms fail at. So if you’re learning Korean, I definitely suggest checking out her page.


This page is literally a haven for Italian language learners. With daily posts translating popular languages into Italian, it’s no surprise they’ve already accumulated over 9000 followers. You really can’t beat learning a new phrase daily just by scrolling through your feed.

Each phrase is translated into Italian from 3 languages, being:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Polish

They even post daily Instagram stories further explaining Italian words. I think that’s gotta be the hippest most 2020-ish way to learn a language.


As their name suggests, this page posts language learning content solely for people studying German. I like how interactive the page tries to be with its viewers. They post regular “quiz” posts asking viewers specific answers to German questions– a feature that virtually no other pages employ.

Not only that, but this page also offers free ‘tutoring.’ If you try out their weekly assignment and send your answers to their email, then they’ll actually correct your mistakes for you. And language learners of all levels can benefit from this service.

That’s not only a rare commodity but nearly unheard of for free. Almost makes me wish I was learning German.


This content creator is based in Russia, but definitely knows her way around both English and Russian. She shares videos that actually show her face– unlike most of these other pages– and provides both the Russian and English translation of a phrase.

And like a true language teaching queen, she also includes a text translation written on each video. As if that wasn’t enough already, she even includes graphic effects and self-made skits. All her posts’ captions are written in both languages, allowing for a true digital immersion effect.

She’s clearly very passionate about her work, and that’s always encouraging to see in a content creator. So if you’re learning Russian, I’d say this page should be your first stop.


Hey, she looks a lot like me! Oh wait…. that is me. Of course, I couldn’t close out this list without including my own plug. On my Instagram page, I share *aesthetically pleasing* pics of all my language learning bullet journal endeavors. So you’ll definitely be able to get some language journal ideas of your own.

My page is relatively new but trust me when I say that I am dedicated to providing you with quality content regularly. Weekly spreads, monthly spreads, new vocabulary, goal pages, artistic note-taking, etc. If it has to do with language and can be written down, then you better believe I’m finding a way to add an artistic flair to it and share it with you.

I love bullet journaling for language learning but honestly, any notebook will get the job done. And you literally can’t learn a language without some writing practice, so why not learn how you too can take pretty notes? I promise it’s a lot of fun.

I also regularly partake in language learning challenges, so I can you in the loop about what’s going on in the online multi-lingual community. Plus I’d love for you to join me in my language learning journey! The more the merrier, right? I want to know you as more than just a reader on the other side of a screen.

So don’t hesitate to send me direct messages or ask questions in my comments. I’d be more than happy to get in touch.

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