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Hello to all you tech-savvy queens and kings! Now that staying at home is the new norm, Pinterest searches are through the roof. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Pinterest’s “Inspiration Matters” webinar a few weeks ago where I learned that global engagement on the platform is at an all-time high.

That’s right. During Covid19, pinners are embracing new self-care routines and looking for ways to stay busy and distracted. So if you haven’t started using Pinterest yet to upgrade your language learning routine, then I only have 1 question.

Why not? With new boards being created at 45% higher rate than ever before, clearly experts and content creators are sharing insider tips like never before. Pinterest consumers are worried, restless, and ready to rebuild (I can confirm!) and learning a language offers a solution to all these emotions.

Language learning is one of the most productive ways you can distract yourself when feeling overwhelmed or isolated. It’s one of the most practical skills you can develop that’ll prepare you for the future. It’s something that you’re 100% in control of.

Learning languages allows you to escape the present and start looking forward to better times ahead. Because boredom is real and most of us are eager to get situated and find fool-proof ways to deal with bouts of loneliness.

Searches for stress relief have tripled since last year and I can personally affirm that learning another language is naturally stress relieving. If you do it right, of course.

I get that some of us busy-bodies shy away from learning anything new, but trust me when I say that if you figure out how to personalize the language learning process and find sources that you personally enjoy, you’ll recognize language acquisition as the comforting process it is.

Here are the top search terms on Pinterest right now dealing with the word “Me” are. I’m listing these because they’re probably queries you yourself are interested in.

So I’m sure you can see some potential parallels here for where language learning can come in handy. That’s why I’ve rounded up this list of the top 10 boards you should be following for language learning inspiration. They’re Pinterest boards I love, and I’m sure you will too!

1. Language Learning + Teaching: Blogs, Podcasts + Videos

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

Looking for tips, advice, resources, tools + ideas for foreign language teaching and learning? Then this board is perfect for you.

Here you’ll find a selection of favorite blogs, podcasts, videos and more from polyglots, teachers + language learners across the web. Plenty of inspiration + motivation for writing, speaking, reading + listening for solo study + teachers.

The group currently has 20 sections, categorized by different languages— including: Greek, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Basque, Welsh, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, English, Hungarian, Korean, and Language Learning Tips.

With a little under 1,200 pins to date, you’re sure to find some killer info for your language learning journey from people who actually know what its all about.

2.Learn a Foreign Language

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

Everything you need to know about naturally acquiring a language, minus the travel hassle. Hacks on learning to love the process, and creating realistic, motivational game plans. Resources, reasons, and routines crafted just for you.

I have a little secret though! This board is owned by myself. I publish regular content to it daily collected from educated Language Bloggers all over the web.

You’ll find tons of general language learning tips, along with some specific language posts. And hey, I may not know some of these other boards as well, but at least I can confirm all the pins on this board are high-quality! (No shade though!)

3. Learning Languages Secrets

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

The name says it all. This is a board all about how languages are learned, the best resources on the web, and everything related.

The group board only has 3 contributors to date, each being a language lover. The board owner posts the most pins and is an English communications teacher.

So the content is very educational but doesn’t make you feel like you’re sitting in a school classroom. You’ll mainly find blog posts addressing general language learning and the best ways to go about reaching your goals. Not any academic worksheets or activities for kids– making it a perfect fit for me.

4. Learning Languages Tips

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

Isn’t this board just gorgeous? Seriously, on aesthetics alone I’d say it’s worth a follow. What’s it offering? Everything from language learning tips, language hacks, and funny language quotes.

The board has 416 pins (to date) all from one blogger, The Intrepid Guide. The Intrepid Guide features travel hacks, travel tips, destination guides, itineraries & free travel phrase guides.

She shares a good amount of general language learning tips, along with posts specifically on Italian, French, and Spanish. I’ve seen her post a few “travel expressions survival guides” for Scots, Dutch, Hebrew, and Finnish as well.

If you also consider yourself to be a serious traveler, outside of language learning, then definitely give this board a look.

5. Polyglot Tips

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

All about learning foreign languages! Pins about every language under the sun. All High quality, vertical pins.

If you’re learning a language, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve at least entertained the thought of becoming a polyglot. Becoming bilingual is amazing, trilingualism is impressive, but becoming a polyglot?

Now that’s rare. And it could be the big break you need in your career. I mean who wouldn’t want to hire someone who speaks 4+ languages? Only 3% of the world speaks more than 4 languages. Less than 1% speak 5 languages fluently.

So if that sounds like a goal you’d like to reach someday, then this board will put you on the fast lane. All 18 contributors are some kind of language teacher, traveler, or language learner. So you can trust you’ll be reading content that actually works.

6. Language Learning Hacks

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

Language learning hacks. language learning, vocabulary, notebook, study, language study, routine, language journal, tips, flashcards, and more.

All of the posts on this board (from creators other than the owner) address general language learning; all from bloggers who love learning languages. The board is only hosted by 1 Pinterest user, Briana Imani, a Christian blogger learning Korean.

So her board has quite a few posts exclusively on learning Korean. So if you’re learning the language, then I think this would be the best board for you. Specifically since Korean isn’t a language talked about on that many boards.

For me personally, I like the fresh, modern angle this board takes to language learning. Instead of worksheets and homeschooling workbooks, you’ll just find content that looks genuinely interesting to read.

7. Language Hacking

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

This board only has 3 contributors– but all 3 are well-known, self-established language lovers. So the content’s pretty high quality if I must admit.

Plus a unique advantage of this board, is the frequent free content ‘packages’ the pinners share. I’ve seen everything from a downloadable “Language Learner Netflix Study Pack” to a “Spotify Study Pack” to an “Ultimate list of language learning resources.”

And there’s even some unique resource lists for languages, including Hungarian, Hindi, and French. So it can’t hurt to see what goodies you can score yourself.

8. Language Learning Resources

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

A collection of advice, suggestions, tips and techniques for learning languages. This board is pretty amazing on the sole basis that content is shared specifically for a range of languages.

So most pins aren’t for language learning in general, but focus on one specific language. The main ones I see with content on the board are Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

But you’ll find some other languages too once you start digging. The board has 10 contributors and 2059 pins to date. Just the fact that all the pins are so long and attractive proves to me that the content creators are serious about their practice.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ugly pin come across this board. I think this board is another amazing tool for people who like to travel, as a lot of the pins specifically share travel phrases. It takes the frills out of language learning and allows you to focus on the phrases that are actually essential when communicating.

9. Language Learning Tips

(Not to be confused with #4!)

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

This board contains language tips, advice, linguistics info, and vocabulary help for language learning.

The board owner focuses primarily on sharing “how-to” content– perfect for beginners and people looking for some direction in their languag learning journey. The most recent pins address “how to learn multiple languages at the same time,” “how to learn a language the cheap way,” “how to learn a language simplified,” and “how to learn a language on your own.”

So you get my point. It’s the perfect board for anyone new to the language learning process. The board only has 1 owner, Sprak Talk, who shares content from all over Pinterest.

10. Adult language learning

Language Learning Pinterest Board for Inspiration

The owner of this board may be ‘Bilingual Kidspot’ but this board is all about acquiring languages for those 18+. But don’t worry– it’s not inappropriate or anything (if your mind started to go there.)

It’s just tips, ideas and resources to help adults learn foreign languages. It’s clear that the board takes an approach to language learning that doesn’t stem from an academic curriculum.

I’d say the board was made specifically for busy adults looking to find a way to squeeze foreign languages into their daily routine. I mean one of the posts is literally “How to learn a language while working full-time.” I’m sure that sounds like more than just a few of you.

There’s also a lot of content specifically for Spanish language learners, so definitely check it out if you’re learning that language. If you like binge-watching TV, then I’m pretty sure this board was made for you. But let’s be real; if you’re under 18 (which I may or may not be), you can still benefit from some of the content shared here.

Still here?

Just a few honorary mentions of boards I myself own and think you could also benefit from:

But it would’ve been selfish to stock this list up with my boards! Since it’s pretty obvious that you’re a Pinterest lover like myself, make sure you check out 5 easy ways you can use Pinterest to learn a foreign language! The post goes beyond boards and’ll teach you how to convert your whole experience on the platform into a language learning one.

Listen though– I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did when I first started learning a foreign language a few years ago. I want to help you learn a language at light speed without memorization, frustration or boring lectures

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Their tutors use a questionnaire to create a personalized study guide for you, a “Road Map to Fluency” that will dismantle sticking points, help you create an effective study routine, and greatly reduce the time required to instill fluency.

For the next few months, they’re offering a 25% discount for anyone who signs up. Just use the coupon code: courage. When you use my link above, I’ll receive a small commission that helps me continue to run this blog and share language learning content with you– so thanks in advance!

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I’ve published a full Stayathome toolbox made specifically for life during quarantine. If you’re bored and looking to not only learn languages, but also to make money, save money, and stay healthy, then be sure to check it out!

Keep learning languages my friend! And I look forward to seeing you again real soon.

Don’t forget to pin for later!


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