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So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of language learning posts about Netflix and YouTube. But despite Amazon being 2020’s online powerhouse, Prime Video seems to get pushed to the back.

With more than 150 million users (as of January 2020) it’s getting harder and harder to find people who don’t have Amazon Prime. And since TV shows and movies are becoming all the rage for modern, fun language learning, I figured I’d search Amazon Videos for foreign language content.

I won’t lie to you– I was a bit surprised. For starters, Amazon’s language search filter is way different from Netflix’s. They actually don’t even offer videos in multiple languages, unless the producers themselves had it translated.

You have to search for videos specifically produced in onelanguage. The videos will most likely have an English subtitles option but they won’t offer additional audio options. So if it was initially made in Vietnamese, then you won’t be able to listen to it in English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Which is significantly different from Netflix.

But this isn’t necessarily bad. It just means that users are subject to more authentic, yet limited videos. Amazon Prime Video actually only offers 14 videos in Vietnamese. So you’ll see 10 of those listed below.

But if you’re not learning Vietnamese and/or learning yet another language, Amazon Prime Video offers video content in 60 languages. Here’s the list, followed by the quantity of videos:

Sorry! I know that list is long, but I just want to make sure that everyone can benefit from this blog post. And you can see that Amazon truly has a little for everyone. Today’s treat is particularly for fellow Vietnamese learners, hence the title of this article. So let’s get into what I consider to be the top 10 TV shows and movies that they offer.

Tam Cam: The Untold Story

You can’t really ever go wrong with a Cinderella story!

A young girl is tormented by her cruel stepmother and her stepsister after her father dies, until she receives supernatural aid and becomes the wife of the crown prince. But even once she is happy, her jealous family will not leave her alone

  • Initial release: August 19, 2016 (Vietnam)
  • Director: Ngo Thanh Van

Descendants of the Sun

  • Season 1 included with Amazon Prime
  • 24 episodes

Based on the worldwide hit Korean drama of the same name, this Vietnamese adaptation transports the romantic drama of a military officer and trauma surgeon from the fictional country of Uruk to its own shores.

His job is to kill for his country-hers is to save lives at all costs. With such diametrically opposed philosophies, can these unlikely comrades find love?

The Purple Horizon (Chan Troi Tim

Set during the Vietnam War in the early 1960s, with civil unrest on the streets of Saigon, the Republic of Vietnam’s capital, followed by a military coup against the President.

The tale is a portrait of passionate love, sacrifices and betrayals painted through the eyes of a wounded Corporal fighting in the frontline against communist invasion and a talented Jazz singer haunted by her past.

Learn Vietnamese with

Bare Hands And Wooden Limbs

53 min

Vietnamese Amazon Prime Show Documentary Movie

In 1974 former Khmer Rouge Commander Touj Soeurly and the fourteen year old Chhem Sip were deadly enemies. Sip was imprisoned, tortured, and just barely managed to escape with his life to the US.

The American War

53 min

The story of the Vietnam War from the perspective of six Vietcong veterans: a soldier, an officer, an informant, a guerrilla, a My Lai survivor and the leader of the Long Hair army.

Directed by an American veteran of the Iraq War, we experience Vietcong memories of the TET Offensive, of the My Lai Massacre, of torture at the hands of the South Vietnamese army, of PTSD, and of forgiveness.

Unspoken War

16 min

This film centers around the lives of a local fishing community in Cambodia and its marine ecosystem. Much larger Vietnamese trawling boats illegally enter Cambodian waters.

Territorial disputes endanger the livelihood of the locals. Yet in this marine ecosystem, the act of trawling destroys seagrass, which prevents the reproduction of marine life, threatening the survival of sustainable fishing.

Artist Police

1 hr 16 min

A visual, told-thru-performance true life story of Dao Anh Khanh, Vietnam’s most bizarre and controversial censorship police officer turned artist extraordinaire!

Unfortunately loves, those are all the shows and/or movies that Amazon Prime offers for free in Vietnamese. Definitely not too many which makes me a bit sad.

Amazon Prime Video does offer some acoustic covers produced by famous Vietnamese singers for free though. These videos are roughly 4 minutes but are entirely in Vietnamese and can still help you learn the language. And since they do come up when you search Prime’s Vietnamese results, we can at least know they’re legit.

Love charm – acoustic Cover by Hoang Duyen ft Trinh Gia Hung

Love charm – Bich Phuong – acoustic Cover by Hoang Duyen ft Trinh Gia Hung. An acoustic version of the song.

Sound of falling snow – acoustic cover by Lynk Lee ft Trinh Gia Hung

Vietnamese song cover

Sound of falling snow – acoustic Cover. Inspired of Chinese song, we build of acoustic version. Production by Hands on guitar Studio.

There were – Le Cat Trong Ly – acoustic Cover by An Bom ft. Thuy Cuoi ft. Trinh Gia Hung

There were – Le Cat Trong Ly – acoustic Cover by An Bom ft. Thuy Cuoi ft. Trinh Gia Hung. An acoustic version from original song.

…So what now?

Well if you haven’t already left to watch one of these videos, then I’ve got some extra special goodies just for you. I’m always excited to meet others excited about language learning and it seems that we both have a common target language — Vietnamese!

While I’m less experienced with other languages, I’m pretty confident in the resources I’ve found to work magic in learning Vietnamese. And since we all need a little more than just videos at times, I want you to also try out VietnamesePod101.

They’ve got a full library over there stocked with podcasts, dictionaries, infographics, stories, lessons, and more. For all levels of learning. They’ve got a free lifetime plan and subscriptions starting as low as $4/month.

Plus they literally always have some kind of deal or promo code going on. You can snag your free 1-month deal or get any of their plans for 28% off using code READYSET2020. Or if you’re feeling real dedicated, you can get 35% OFF 1 & 2-Year Premium & Premium PLUS using code 101LANGUAGES.

It’s all up to you my friend. Their dictionary feature can be pretty useful when translating videos (like say Amazon Prime videos?)

Anyways, if you’re still here then I want to make sure you don’t miss out on your free language learning toolbox.

All exclusive content curated specifically for atypical language leaners looking to make the learning process as fun and unconventional as possible.

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I’ve also published a full Stayathome toolbox made specifically for life during self-quarantine. If you’re bored and looking to not only learn languages, but also to make money, save money, and stay healthy, then be sure to check it out!

Stay healthy my friend! And I look forward to seeing you again real soon.



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