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Hey beautiful peoples, if you’re a student like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed how….different learning is starting to look. As if we weren’t already moving fast enough to digital classrooms, social distancing sped it up by like 10x.

Learning in High Schools, Community colleges, and Universities where numbers often exceed 2000 (at the least) means that schooling could stay pretty remote for the rest of 2020. But if I’ve found one serious advantage to e-learning, it would have to finding the absolute goldmine Trello is.

I already loved planning and organizing both my life and studies in my bullet journal, but Trello actually allows you to take your planner with you literally anywhere. 

You can check it on your smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Ipad, Smart Tv, Amazon Kindle, and basically any other device that can connect to the internet.

While other “planning” tools exist out there, like Google Calendar or even Pinterest, they’re by no means the well-rouned personal project management powerhouse that Trello is. Trello is made for users to layout any and every project that one needs to get done at some point in their life.

In this tutorial, I’ll focus on exactly how students can unlock the full potential of Trello. According to Trello is, at its core, an online corkboard.

You use it to organize “cards” into lists—those cards can be tasks, notes, projects, shared files, or anything else that helps your team work together.

But for the sake of personal project management you’ll be your own team during your time using Trello. 

I’m giving a full extensive overview of the platform and all its unique features that, in a way, bring bullet journaling right to your digital screen. This tutorial is designed for complete beginners– as in people who have absolutely no prior experience on Trello. I’ll go over how to use the platform’s

  • cards
  • boards
  • lists
  • powerups
  • stickers
  • visual covers
  • filtering
  • due dates
  • labels
  • adding attachments
  • printing

This tutorial is pretty short so I really recommend sticking around until the end to make sure you don’t miss anything. Keep in mind that Trello is 100% free unless you so choose to upgrade to a premium plan.

But I totally get that student life doesn’t necessarily come with a bunch of extra finances! I’ll only be demonstrating free features for the purpose of this tutorial. 

So get ready to follow me along as I demonstrate the exact way to digitally organize your studying, and become a personal project management pro. You can follow me on Skillshare (and get 2 months free when you join) or sign up for my email list to be notified of future courses. I promise not to spam!

What is Trello (Board Overview included)

Trello Signup & Board Creation

Adding, Editing, & Designing Cards

How to use STICKERS & add Powerups (calendar)

Sorting by Due Dates

Printing & Outro

Your Project

  1. Create/Sign in to your Trello Account
  2. Create a Board, Choose a Background, and Create a Title
  3. Create lists either organized by weeks or your courses
  4. Add cards representing assignments, being sure to mark down their respective due dates
  5. Add stickers to quickly visually identify different courses or the kind of assignment
  6. Create text labels to indicate another level of organization (i.e. Highschool courses vs. college courses, quizzes, exams, etc.)
  7. Add visual covers [images] on cards to display connections/relationships between them (i.e. numerous time milestones on the same assignment)
  8. Choose a useful powerup and install it. This will be the calendar if you follow my demo
  9. Come back here and share your completed project! Even if it just has 2 or 3 cards

Calling all Productivity Babes

Isn’t personal project management fun?? There’s nothing that makes my life feel more put together than laying out my life, projects, and assignments all in one place.

And it definitely doesn’t hurt that digital planning is so fun and modern. But there’s definitely a reason bullet journals are as popular today as they are.

Analog methods of personal project management and planning are still a favorite when it comes to tracking one’s life. There’s nothing quite like a blank page and colored pen to plan your future out on.

So I’m excited to announce that in just a few days, I’ll be launching a hand-designed Bullet Journal line on Amazon! Covers will include motivational quotes about language learning and self-made female models.

You can get a taste of some of the inspirational quotes you can expect in 15 motivational quotes for learning a language. All journals will be A5 paper size, have 128 dotted grid pages, a matte cover, and listed at $9.99 for a limited time.

Here are some of the back and front covers respectively.

In the next week, I’ll also be releasing a free course on Skillshare on how to use bullet journals to learn another language. So make sure to stay posted for that!

You can sign up using my email list below to be notified of when all these exciting things are going down.

Plus you’ll also receive your own language learning toolbox, including a list of fun ways to kick-start your multilingual journey.

Curated by myself to include tips, tricks, and hacks on naturally simplifying the acquisition process.

For just a few more weeks, you’ll receive my free full at-home edition including a:

  • 4-week Language Learning Plan (Checklist style)
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And that’s just the beginning, so have my permission to happy dance. (Just me? I’ll give it some time to marinate)

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Stay healthy my friend! I look forward to seeing you back here real soon.



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