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More and more language learners today are resorting to video platforms like Netflix and YouTube for unconventional listening practice. But with Amazon Prime already becoming a staple in so many households, why not also use its extensive video library?

If you already have Amazon Prime or plan to get it sometime in the near future, then this guide is perfect for you and your inner language lover. I mean Netflix for language learning is great and all, but Netflix is only useful for watching videos.

Amazon Prime is a full, well-rounded powerhouse that will also provide lifestyle essentials, free shipping, groceries, frequent deals, and more. And this post isn’t even sponsored by Amazon Prime, but I still know a powerful tool when I see one.

If you’ve used YouTube or Netflix for language learning, then you’ll be surprised to see just how different Amazon Prime Video is from those tools. For starters, Netflix offers audio options in 26 languages but languages options differ by each specific video. Each English video is typically audio dubbed in about 6 different languages, but children shows may be translated into around 20.

YouTube doesn’t offer audio translations at all, but will include foreign language subtitles in any number of languages if allowed by the video creator. It’s really a hit-or-miss kind of game with YouTube.

Amazon Prime offers videos in 60 languages but you can only view content with the audio it was originally produced in. So you won’t be able to find your favorite English prime video in Spanish or Russian, unless the producers themselves had the media translated.

Which usually isn’t the case.

You’ll find videos listed under a language as the only language that video is available in. English subtitles are available on lots of the videos though, so you can still understand what you’re watching.

For this reason Amazon Prime video for language learning can be just a bit limited at times. Here’s a list of all the languages followed by the number of videos available in said language:

Languages Available & Video Quantity

So sure they boast 60 languages, but with Kazakh, Tagalog, Filipino, Amharic, Sanskrit, Macedonian, Lithuanian, and Georgian all having less than 4 videos; It’s a bit of an unfair claim.

Nonetheless, it’s super clear that if you’re learning English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Telugu, Russian, or German, you’ll have more than enough videos to keep yourself occupied with.

And yes, those links will take you exactly to that specific language’s videos. You can view the Amazon Prime page that displays all the languages here, and I recommend bookmarking for later.

You can also modify how subtitles appear here, if you’re not a fan of the default text settings.

Navigate to the Languages Page Yourself

If you’d like, follow along with these screenshots so you’ll know how to reach the links yourself.

1. Go to your Amazon Prime Homepage (literally “amazon.com”)
Amazon prime video for language learning
2. Click Prime Video in the top menu
Amazon Prime Video
Squared in red
3. Click the search button, leaving the search field empty
Amazon Prime Video Search
4. Check the Prime box in the left sidebar to make sure the video results are free with your subscription
Amazon Prime Video for Language Learning
5. Scroll down until you see Languages and/or Subtitles & Closed Captioning in the sidebar
Amazon Prime Video for Language Learning

You can choose whether or not to only see video results with English subtitles.

6. Click see more (if you’re target language isn’t listed there)
Amazon Prime Video for Language Learning
7. Ta-da! Now you can see all the languages for yourself
Amazon Prime Video for Language Learning

Searching for foreign language videos by search term

Search anything in the search bar, making sure that the drop down to the left is displaying “Prime Video.”

Amazon Prime Video for Language Learning
See that gray rectangle right next to my search of “Anything?” Make sure Prime Video is selected

Scroll down to see what languages are available with videos related to the search.

amazon prime video language results

You’ll notice that the available languages will change with each search term.

To view a video’s language and subtitles

Click the TV show or Movie and scroll down until you see “More Details.” Underneath you’ll see:

  • Supporting actors
  • Studio
  • MPAA rating
  • Subtitles
  • Audio Languages
  • Purchase rights
  • Format
  • Devices
Amazon Prime Video for Language Learning

You might see multiple options available for subtitles but audio languages will only show 1, maybe 2. In the demo above, both subtitles and audio languages are displaying English. So there is no drop-down to change these settings for yourself, unlike Netflix or YouTube.

Amazon Prime Videos for Language Learning

Here’s what multiple Audio Languages available looks like. Pretty simple to understand, right?

But wait…there’s more

As you can see, Amazon Prime Videos for language learning is a pretty simple, acheivable task for any subscriber. But even if you’re not an Amazaon Prime subscriber, you can still use all these navigation directions to find foreign language videos that Amazon sells.

‘Cause despite how many free prime videos there are, there are way more available videos if you’re willing to pay to watch them. I’d only suggest doing that for a video, movie, or TV show that you really wan’t to see.

‘Cause learning another language shouldn’t be expensive. It should be cheap, fun, and enjoyable. At least that’s my mantra on this site.

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