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Hey loves! Graduation 2020 is just around the corner and it’s looking like gift shopping is going to be almost entirely digital this year. But fortunately we’ve been shifting towards online shopping ever since Amazon got big so most of us are more than prepared.

We want to make sure that graduates this year still know just how special they are to all of us. Because this self-quarantine totally wrecked the rest of their school year and potential massive graduation parties.

All these gifts are under $100 and most are under $50. Being a teenager myself, these gifts are Gen Z verified and items I would genuinely like to receive. So no worries about buying a graduation gift the recipient won’t even use or like.

I got you. These gifts are cute, fashionable, and international. So you can give the graduation gift of culture awareness.

All these gifts are graduation girls friendly, but may or may not hit it off with the fellas. So you’d probably be better off with another list for a graduating male. But hey– you can still look!

These graduation gifts come from all over the world, including Africa, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Europe, Portugal, Italy, China, and more. It took me about 6 hours to find these high-quality, high-rated international gifts that graduates would actually like.

‘Cause my generation is picky you guys! So take your pick and shop with confidence. And all these items come straight from Amazon, meaning gift-cards and prime memberships can come into play with prices.

Large Scented Candles Gifts Set -Japanese Sakura

international gift

How cute are these modern South Park-esque designs? They’re fashionable, practical additions to any graduate’s room. Who can beat warmth and fashion for only $12.99?

  • NATURAL FRAGRANCE – Scented candles gift set with 4 pack, which includes 4 Fragrances- Japanese Sakura , Goji and Taroko Orange , French Juniper and Lavender,Japanese Persimmon
  • 100% NATURAL WAX – Made with100% pure soy wax.Providing a cleaner, longer burn.evenly burning and produce no black smoke, more healthier, harmless to human body and environment

Scented Candle Mediterranean Gift-Set

Ahh– more candles! Seriously what teenage female doesn’t love scented candles? Our generation basically grew up on Bath & Body Works sales.

  • 4 POPULAR FRAGRANCE – Scented candles gift set with 4 pack, which includes 4 Fragrances: Lavender, Lemon, Mediterranean Fig, Fresh Spring.
  • NATURAL SOY WAX – Made from natural soy wax and lead-free organic cotton wick, providing a cleaner, longer burn.

Matryoshka Dry Measuring Cups

international gift for graduation
  • set of 6 dry measuring cups made in the shapes of traditional Russian matryoshka dolls! They even nest into each other like Russian dolls for easy storage.
  • This charming 6-cup set includes 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 2/3 cup, 3/4 cup, and 1-cup sizes

Prime Student 6-month Trial

Thailand’s Gifts : Natural Small Wicker Balls

  • ✔ Two Tone Color Silver And White by Conserve Brand (Not included tray)
  • ✔ 12 Balls made from 100% natural rattan by Thai craftsmen.

Succulent Pots Yangbaga Ceramics

This is literally such a cute graduation gift that any female teenager will enjoy. Room decor with facial expressions is really something that never goes out of fashion. Even non-plant-lovers will love these.

Korean Girl Modern Canvas Print

  • Measurement: 12 X 16 Inch.
  • Durable Printing And Fancy Design: It is constructed for endurance and utmost quality. The Printing is durable for many years and the unique design will make the graduate’s place look ah-ma-zingg

China Gift Boxed Mug

  • Beautifully Gift Boxed
  • Large Capacity 13.5 Ounce New Bone China Mug

Wall Clock Chinese Dragon Tai

  • Design: Unframed and no glass face as the cover,and covered by oil painting
  • Features: Silent non-ticking wall clock with quality and quiet precise quartz movements to guarantee accurate time

Audible Gift Memberships

Hello 5 Giftset Deluxe ( Ground Coffee ) – Premium Vietnamese Coffee

For a graduate whose a coffee lover, you really can’t give a better gift. Vietnam is known for its amazing coffee, and rising college students typically need a lot of caffeine for those long study nights.

  • Bright Smell, Robust Flavor, Coffee Ground, Is a perfect gift
  • Netweight: 22.9Oz, Certificate: HALAL, FDA, HACCP, FREE SALES
  • Ingredient: 50% Arabica ground coffee, 50% Robusta ground coffee
  • Kraft Paper packaging – Eco-friendly
  • Caffeine ≥ 1.8

Starbucks Japan Limited Mug 14 fl oz

Who would’ve known that Starbucks has a whole line of international mugs?? And trust me– I know this is on the pricier side, but if you’ve got a graduate who loves Starbucks and Japan, then you really can’t go wrong with this.

To me, this totally looks like a unique one-of-a-kind gift that the recipient truly couldn’t get without some intensive searching on their own. The artwork on all of Starbucks’ international mugs is suprisingly cute…. and modern.

But just to let you know, Honey has detected 8 different price changes for this product in the last 30 days so you may want to sign up to be notified of when the price drops. Honey’s got a pretty unique drop list feature that’ll keep you in the know about any product you add.

Honey has showed some pretty serious price fluctuations so you may want to be patient!

Starbucks does offer a few more economically friendly ones as well like….

Starbucks Italy You Are Here YAH Coffee Mug

Starbucks ‘You Are Here’ YAH City Mug – Greece

Starbucks Paris You Are Here YAH Coffee Mug

*And though I know what it may look like, this post is not sponsored by Starbucks!

I just know that my generation tends to have an obsession with the franchise.

Collector’s Edition of The Faberge Egg (Russian)

Small Lacquer Box with Hand Painted Flowers

  • Carefully made of wood, lined on the inside with soft velvet, hand decorated with high quality acryl paints and coated with deluxe lacquer finish (4 layers). Made in the heart of Europe – Central Ukraine.
  • Comes in a glossy white cardboard box, ready for your gift message.

The Kpop Dictionary: 500 Essential Korean Slang Words and Phrases Every Kpop Fan Must Know 

If there’s one thing Gen Z has been pretty shameless about proudly flaunting– it’s Kpop addictions. BTS has been a main topic since middle school.

So if you know a graduate who’s a fan, and you’re not trying to break the bank, then this is a perfect gifts. I personally know at least 20 students who would die of happiness.

Just saying.

World Wide Snack Mix Package

Let me just say that as a rising High School Senior, you can literally never go wrong with food. Much less international food. “Snacks” is a highschoolers’s middle name.

And yes, this is a box full of pre-packaged snacks from around the world! Each item in this box is made in countries outside the USA to give a truly authentic tasting experience.

This could even turn into a fun educational experience. And what graduate could ever turn their nose up at global cuisine?

Etwoa’s World Map Infinity Scarf

Believe it or not, this product is actually Amazon’s Choice for “international gift.” And this is a graduation gift that literally any graduate whose even a little culturally aware will enjoy.

It’s a great way to casually & easily accessorize an outfit. Plus the fabric is 100% chiffon, meaning it’s thin, soft and light weight. It’s a graduation gift that can be worn year-round and will make a perfect addition to Summer vacation outfits.

Scratch The World Travel Map

One of the largest Scratch Off Map of the World Poster’s you will find, measuring 33 (w) x 23 (h) inches – the huge world map has outlines on the gold coating and details on the map underneath.

As an Internationally renowned cartographic company, Maps International, based in Minnesota and in the UK, work with passion, on a stunning range of maps for all moods and homes.

What graduate doesn’t have a longing to explore the world?

Winpeak Hand-Painted White Flower Oil Painting Modern Floral Canvas Wall Art

This gorgeous piece of art is 100% hand-painted and created in Africa. It makes for a beautiful, indie, contemporary addition to any young adult’s room.

And most rising college freshman will appreciate having something so unique to decorate their dorm rooms.

Canvas Wall Art African Elephant Sunset Painting 

This right here is Amazon’s choice for “Elephant Painting” so you can’t really go wrong. Plus what teenager doesn’t like Elephants?

At only $10.93 for used and a 30-day money back guarantee, I’d say you can buy this with complete soundness of mind. And let’s be real, “African Elephant” or not, he sure looks a lot like Dumbo.

Indian Bollywood Gold Plated Rhinestone Peacock Bracelet Bangle

international gift for graduation
  • Handmade finish, high quality 14 karat gold plating, long lasting, Skin Friendly, hypoallergenic, nickel free, durablility with the look of fine grand royal premium quality jewellery.
  • Embellished with crystal rhinestone, gives it a perfect traditional ethnic cum contemporary look. A classic fusion of exquisite craftsmanship.

This is one of few graduation gifts for as low as $7.36 (used).

Giraffe Wall Decor Art Canvas Print

*Squeals* Yes, that is an African Giraffe painted just for modern African decor. And isn’t she cute?

You can buy it for just $10.45 (used). Now that’s a graduation gift that even the brokest of us (a.k.a me) can afford.

  • Size: 12×16 inches (30x40cmc). One pannel framed artwork.
  • Unique painting canvas print wall decor art. High definition giclee printing on quality canvas. Hanging hook mounted on wooden frame, ready for hang.

Large Lunch Tote Dashiki Style

internation gift for graduation

Not only is this design totally one-of-a-kind but the lunch bag is made of 100% safe neoprene for the recipient and environment. The company even offers a full refund whenever you request one so you can buy with complete ease of mind.

Petrykiv Ethnic Rectangular Lacquered Wooden Jewelry Box

  • This lacquer box is crafted and professionally hand painted in Ukraine using an age-old and a traditional technique called Petrykivka. The painting on this jewelry box is signed by the artist to prove its authenticity.
  • Carefully made of wood and lined on the inside with soft velvet. Each box is hand decorated with high-quality acrylic paints and coated with a deluxe lacquer finish. Made in the heart of Europe – Central Ukraine.

Indian Pure Copper Water Bottle

Honestly, I think any female teenager, graduate, adult , whoever will absolutely love this rose-gold cover. And the fact that it’s pure copper and supposedly has Ayurveda Health Benefits makes this an even better, cheap-ish gift.

  • TARNISH RESISTANT – Coated With Food Grade Lacquer on Outside And Inside To Retain Its Shine.
  • Capacity 30 Oz. Leak Proof. Multiple Ayurveda Health Benefits
  • STANDARDS AND STYLE- Each Bottle is unique because they are handmade by experienced and passionate professional craftsmen.

4 Macrame Plant Hangers (India)

Set includes four plant hangers each one in a different design. It was handcrafted in India and used a high quality cotton rope. A perfect graduation gift for plant lovers and inner hippies.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that the company offers a 100% money back guarantee.

4 Pack Moroccan Pillow Covers

Offered in 7 different designs!
  • 4 pack bohemian retro stripe cotton throw cushion covers without insert. Each pillow case measures 18 by 18 inch.
  • Throw Pillow Covers are made of the high quality cotton linen material
  • Cushion cover pillowcases made from thick weave cotton with colorful stripes.Featuring stylish and modern pattern available in one sides.

Spanish Terracotta 5-Piece Small Salsa Bowl Set

These’ll add a nice European flair to any dorm room. Plus most teenagers will just be happy to have some quality bowls to call their own. Tupperware isn’t just a wedding gift everyone!

  • MADE IN SPAIN: These bowls are hand-painted in Andalusia, Spain. They serve as both decorative ceramics as well as a functional kitchen accessory making these a great gift for any home.
  • TERRACOTTA: Explore this decorative and durable ceramics for your kitchen, tabletop and entertaining needs. These vibrant designs will maintain their color. Dishwasher, microwave and food safe.

4 Japanese Style Ceramic Bowls

Just because college freshman are known for eating out of take-out boxes and plastic containers doesn’t mean they actually want to.

And let’s be real– these bowls are too cute. The design will fit any style room and add a nice foreign, natural flair.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, can be stacked to save your cabinet space. FDA APPROVED PORCELAIN- Lead and cadmium free, sturdy and durable, your dinnerware will be safe for daily use.

Ceramic Bowls Shiba Inu dog design

International graduation git
Ahh! How cute are they?
  • Minoware made in Japan are very popular all over the world. The gentle and atmospheric design unique to Mino ware makes the dining table pleasant.
  • Mino ware is not only good in design, but is made to be durable enough to withstand daily use, so it can be used with microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Alpaca & Goat Succulent Plant Pots

international graduation gift

Handmade using a blend of ceramic and sand to create a premium rough pottery design. Unlike other planters, each planter has a natural rough feel and a matte finish to create a rugged chic design that looks stylish and feels natural.

Naanle Africa Canvas Tote Bag

  • Roomy Size: 15.7in (H) x19.7in (L) x 5.1in (W) / 40cm (H) x 50cm (L) x 13cm (W)
  • Reassuring Material: Eco-friendly cotton canvas, non-toxic print pattern, no zipper closure.
  • Available in 27 different designs

European Almond Oil Skincare Set

  • Can be bought in multiple scent-based skincare gift sets .
  • Benamôr Skincare has been made in Lisbon, Portugal since 1925. Their unique natural skincare recipes and perfumes use ingredients grown under the Portugese sun.

European Rose Petal Body Care Set

Jaipur Handloom Tapestry

  • MULTIPURPOSE – These Tapestries Can be used as Picnic Blanket, Bed Cover, Beach Towel, Yoga Mat, Table Cloth, Curtain and of course as a Tapestry or a Wall Hanging or Decor or Throw Beach, College Dorm Bedspread.
  • MADE IN INDIA- 100% Cotton, made & printed in India. Size – 54X 85 Inches. Color- Multi, Design- Kerala Mandala. A wonderful example of Indian craftsmanship.

Yinghaitai Heat Changing Coffee Mug

Made of high quality ceramic 100% without toxic and heavy metals.

*Capacity: 350ml
*Color changing when up 45°C

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