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So I think most of us can agree that it’s pretty easy to say you want to learn another language. It can sound like a pretty achievable, practical, even exciting goal before we come face to face with a textbook.

Or sit down in our school’s foreign language course, filled with students trying to get their credits (instead of the actual skill.)

Sooner than later, you likely realize that traditional methods for learning another language are boring. It’s almost like they were designed to suck the life and motivation right out of you.

But as I often preach about on this site– it’s totally possible to not only personalize the language acquisition process, but actually make it interesting.

Especially in 2020. With this whole digital era the world’s got going on. You don’t even have to leave your house anymore to just about totally immerse yourself in a foreign language.

Outside of family or roommates, your whole at-home language can be fully revamped through a handy method I call “digital immersion.”

With the internet offering an endless array of possibilities for any inquiry you may have, language learning is no different. Languages are actually one of the only things you can even learn without sitting down to physically learn it.

And while you can choose to study textbooks, utilize index cards, and either study alone or with people who know even less of the language than you do, you don’t have to.

I’ve actually rounded 100 alternatives to doing that. And Duolingo is not one of them.

I’m talking language learning methods you’ll actually enjoy. From sources you’ll actually find interesting.

  1. Playing popular life simulation video games, and mobile gaming apps. (Find out why it’s best that they’re popular in How to use ANIMAL CROSSING to learn a foreign language.)
  2. Watching one of your favorite movies in the foreign language. Or just a movie you like, as long as you’ve seen it more than once in your native language. You’ll need to have the plot at least semi- memorized.
  3. Try out one of these 5 easy ways you can use Pinterest to learn a foreign language
  4. Follow along with a foreign language workout video
  5. Listen to foreign language covers of songs you know and enjoy
  6. Memorize the lyrics to a foreign song
  7. Follow social media users who speak the language
  8. Set your social media(s) to that language
  9. Subscribe to YouTubers who speak the language
  10. Create YouTube playlists entirely in the language
  11. Watch foreign TV episodes (many available on YouTube!)
  12. Watch TV shows you already watch with foreign language voice-overs (and foreign subtitles)
  13. Join Facebook groups of people who speak the language
  14. Create a social media page where you post entirely in the language
  15. Bullet Journal in the language. (Sign up below to be notified when I release my course on how exactly to do this!)
  16. Scrapbook and add captions, titles, and descriptions in the language
  17. Find your favorite foreign quotes and hang them up on your wall
  18. Join a virtual world platform and connect with foreign users. (Second Life, AvakinLife)
  19. Join VRChat to interact with people all over the world
  20. Join an online class of global learners on Fluent City
  21. Try out a SkillShare language course, and about 10,000 other creative courses (like these German, ASL, or Russian)
  22. Text language exchange partners. Here’s my pick of The 5 best language exchange apps to use when you’re too broke to travel
  23. Talk face to face with native teaching professionals using Italki
  24. Do some online “shopping” a.k.a browsing, on either a global ecommerce platform or with your browser’s settings in the language (Use Rakuten or BeFrugal to save some coins while you’re at it!)
  25. Browse through some online foreign shops
  26. Search online for authentic restaurants with menus (at least partially) in the language
  27. Learn a popular dance to a song in the language
  28. Watch Netflix shows in the language
  29. Watch kids cartoons in the language (Apparently Peppa Pig is available in 21 languages)
  30. Watch Spongebob in the language (It’s been internationally dubbed into 50+ languages)
  31. Read a novel you’ve already read in the language, preferably one of your favorites so that you’ll know the plot
  32. Read a comic book (Yes, Japanese learners I’m talking about Manga.)
  33. Create titles and/or captions in the language for pieces of art
  34. Create titles and /or captions in the language for your own pieces of art
  35. Read Twitter Posts in the language
  36. Try and translate your favorite song into the language
  37. Try following a recipe in the language (at your own risk of course!)
  38. Find a killer movie scene and try to translate it into the language
  39. Message 100 celebrities who speak the language, in the language, and see who responds (this is a whole YouTube trend!)
  40. Watch TedTalks in the language. Check out this Quora thread for a few
  41. Try following a makeup tutorial in the language
  42. Play a board game with cards in the language. (Have Google Translate, Bing Translate, or another photo translator ready!)
  43. Create your own greeting cards in the language
  44. Play a foreign mobile game where you manage your own restaurant (there are tons of these in Google Play)
  45. Play a foreign mobile where you own a farm (again, there are tons of these out there)
  46. Read a fan-fiction in the language (check out WattPad, and of course, have a translation tool ready.)
  47. Do some yoga to a foreign song
  48. Try and have a 24-hour challenge speaking the language (These are pretty popular among YouTube couples)
  49. Call a native speaker and play either “I’ll say the word and you spell it,” or “I’ll say the word in your language and then you say it in mine.”
  50. Fake being a transcriptionist by *attempting* to write all the words you hear in a YouTube video

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