Get your 4-week Self Quarantine Rapid Language Learning Checklist

The world is in a rather shaky place right now. Our nation, for one, has never experienced illness of any sort on a scale even a quarter this size.

So if you’re following the regulations that have been put into place, I expect you’re at home just like I am finding ways to put your extra time to productive use.

But I send my condolences in advance to anyone who is personally suffering the impacts of this pandemic and pray for better days to come your way.

To try and milk something even remotely positive out of this whole situation, I’ve put together a 14-day plan that’ll help you acquire a foreign language quicker than you’ve ever done before.

That way you’ll be able to not only distract yourself but redirect any nerves into a skill you’ll be able to use way after all of this is over.

It stems from my Naturally Simple approach to language acquisition that has brought me closer to fluency in just 4 months of Vietnamese than in 3 years of Spanish.

I know. It’s almost shameful.

Just to make these next few weeks feel a bit more bearable, I’ll be offering two plans to reach your language goals.

Aside from this 14-day plan, you can also get your own free copy of Everything to know about the “Naturally Simple” approach to language acquisition ($10 value) straight to your inbox by providing me with an email below to send it to.

14 day self quarantine plan for language acquisition

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